How waking up early and having morning routines can boost your life? (11 potential benefits explained)

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I know it can feel fantastic to wake up late without concern, have a leisurely morning coffee and eat breakfast at noon. I used to dabble in that kind of living. But nowadays, I am a greater fan of waking up early and having morning routines. Why?

Simply put: It has played a significant role in changing my life for the better.

When I used to wake up late, I had less time for things that I wanted to do and for things I wanted to accomplish. By waking up early I started achieving much more and I consequently moved in the direction of greater self-love, purpose, and joy. I feel I appreciated myself much more by being more responsible for fulfilling my wishes, nourishing myself with healthier foods. In fact, I felt a greater sense of satisfaction in my life, overall.

But what if you are not a morning person?

We are individuals - some routines and environments are better suited for different people. If you feel great, are happy, and achieve your dreams and goals with a later rhythm, that's amazing! Keep doing that! 

Having said that, many of us are, in fact, not happy with what we do, how we feel or with what is waiting for us as we start our day.

I am not stating here that by waking up early everyone would automatically fix their problems. But it may help to create a structure that supports a sense of well being

Let's look at some ways that waking up early and developing morning routines can help:

1. Experience the sense of early accomplishment from the beginning of the day

2. Get a head start on your goals

3. Experience more peace and tranquility

4. Enjoy more free time

5. Be on time for things

6. Catch the beautiful sunrise

7. Have time to exercise before work

8. For those who have a family: have more alone time

9. Less of stress during daytime

10. Control your weight better in long term

11. Enjoy a long breakfast

1. Experience the sense of early accomplishment from the beginning of the day

So you managed to get up at 4/5/6 AM. Congrats! You just had your first success for the day.

Next thing you can do is to make is your bed and get some water to rehydrate and cleanse your body. Psychologically, when we see our environment is tidy and in order, it will signal our brain that we can get to manage little things and we are capable of managing even more complicated things.

Also, by congratulating yourself for each completion of small goals, you are boosting a winning mindset. What's better than starting the day with a small victory, and pleasant positive, can-do attitude.

Now you are ready to do something else with few wins under your belt.

Don't feel like a winner? Having negative thoughts or too hard on yourself?

Try journaling, meditation or self-hypnosis.

With journaling, you can get rid of the unwanted negative thoughts to paper, and write more positive ones instead. 

Meditation is a great way to bring yourself back to the present state. 

Self-hypnosis can powerfully help you connect to your subconscious mind and provide help of changing negative beliefs, disempowering habits or behavioral patterns for long term.


2. Get a head start on your goals 

You woke up at 4 AM, and that's something the masses are mostly not doing. You can pat yourself on the back and start to get things done. It feels amazing to get something done by 5 AM, while others are still in bed sleeping.


3. Experience more peace and tranquility

Nowadays, we are exposed to constant noise pollution. Due to noise exposure, millions of Americans suffer adverse health outcomes [1]. When waking up early, there is less noise due to less traffic, less active people... By waking up early, you have more chance to enjoy quietness

Besides that, depending on your personality, you might seek a more serene, and peaceful environment. I have found myself to be very calm when there are no distractions when I walk in the forest or row a boat in a quiet lake.


4. Enjoy more free time 

Is it possible for you to enjoy your time early in the morning? Many would say not possible especially on weekdays when you need to prepare to go work or prepare your kids for school.


What if from now on try to change that perception by saying this affirmation, “Mornings are amazing”? And follow with an action.

Try to do something that you love to do, for example, play basketball, have a walk in the park or forest, paint a picture or simply enjoy sipping your morning coffee slowly. Look at Richard Branson; he starts his day by playing tennis, taking a walk or going for a kitesurf. What is your favorite activity?

5. Be on time for things

Some of us are more disciplined in time management. If a person wakes up at 5 AM instead of 7 AM, there is will be less need to rush to get to workplace by 9 AM. It helps in forming a better habit of being on time and not to sleep late.

Therefore when you set up a standard of waking up, you know you can be on time for other things too.

6. Catch the beautiful sunrise

catching sunrise

Depending on the location (and time of the year), you can catch the sunrise early in the morning. It can be so beautiful. Richard Branson says, “I like to sleep with the curtains open, so the sunlight wakes me. I find natural light to be wonderfully motivating.” [2]

There are also exciting studies between sunlight and serotonin (known as the happy chemical), that sunlight could activate the production of serotonin through retina and skin. [3] This can be a reason why a person feels energized or happy when seeing the sun.


7. Have time to exercise before work

Too tired hitting up gym after a long day? Save it for another day? Whatever the reason is, sometimes we caught ourselves battling against our willpower. If you can execute it continuously, well done. If not, maybe you could work out early in the morning before work.

Early exercise can help to regulate appetite [4] and indirectly support weight management.


8. For those who have a family: have more alone time 

Those who are having a family know how difficult it can be to find time for themselves. When waking up early, you can have your own time before the other family members wake up. This time can be spent to do the things you want to achieve whether they are hobbies or sport.


Imagine of having 20 minutes of Nordic walk done, 60 minutes of work, and 10 minutes just by enjoying a morning coffee before the kids wake up at 7 AM? All you need is just by waking up at 5:30 AM instead of 7:00 AM to get going.

Or having an intimate time with your partner. What a great way to start a new day!

If you have small kids, going bed to early at same hour as your kids can be beneficial to both you and your kids. First and foremost, you will have sufficient time to sleep. Other than that you encourage your kids developing a healthy habit by going to sleep early and rise early [5].

9. Less of stress during daytime

From my point of view, when I have done all 'must-to-do' things in the morning, I feel more relaxed during the day. This is because I have got my daily exercise done and advanced with my projects for the day. This is personal; someone might enjoy by hitting the gym hard in the evening or get projects done at midnight. If you feel stressed to have a lot of different things on your list which you need to complete, doing them in the morning can be helpful.

10. Control your weight better in long term

A study about a possible link between bedtime and change in BMI revealed that having an average later bedtime was associated with an increase of weight over time. Fast food consumption was another significant link. [6]

It is good to evaluate on how we respond to nutrition and training, how well we sleep etc. whether they actually contribute to a better well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

11. Enjoy a long breakfast

delicious looking breakfast

Fancy reading newspapers with a freshly brewed coffee and a bagel? Enjoying 3 Course Gourmet Breakfasts? You are not alone. Why not take more time to enjoy it and have more time for breakfast once a week even not on the weekend. We can create new habits for ourselves if we want to.


Are you feeling tired after breakfast? Research about low carb options and intermittent fasting. There are many delicious low carb menus for breakfast. Be sure to consult with your physician or dietitian before making a drastic change in your diet or are not feeling good.

Difficult to get up early?

Try the 5 seconds rule introduced by Mel Robbins. Right after your alarm goes off, you shall count down from 5 to 0 (GO) and get up right away.


With this method, I have succeeded in getting myself up on 5:20 AM without any difficulties.

And it has been pain-free, probably because I didn't have time to start enjoying the feel of the warmness and softness of the bed or didn't have time to make any excuses.


If we spend too much time to take action or start doing, our brains are going to start to support our disempowering thoughts and work against our goals.

More facts from Mel's book here.

For the night owls

If you're a night owl and waking up early is not your cup of tea, fair enough. Choose to do what is the most suitable for you. However, if you're not achieving things you want to or still stuck in a rut, maybe you want to consider waking up early? And if that's too much, by standardizing your bedtimes can bring benefits.


Whatever your morning routine is, do or create one which is you can follow and is supporting you, your well-being and goals. Morning routine doesn't need to be a boring one. It might be drawing, dip into the sea, or writing a gratitude journal. Whatever makes you excited and get your day started.

What are your morning routines? What makes you excited to get up? Comment below. Would be so awesome to hear your thoughts!

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